Colin O’Dea Cakes Tastings

Cake tastings should be one of the most fun and memorable experiences of planning a wedding or event. My goal is to caterer to the needs of all my clients, and create a one of a kind cake that tells a story about the people being celebrated. For that reason, I bring the bakery and tasting room to my clients, and there are no limitations when selecting the flavor, size and design of the cake!

Colin Brings the Bakery & Tasting Room to You

Cakes O’Dea Cakes is designed to bring the bakery and tasting room to the client. Clients shouldn’t feel rushed or pressured into making a decision about a cake, so I do all tastings at a date, time and location that is convenient for the client. If a client can only meet on a Sunday night at her home, then that’s where I’ll go. A client can also choose to do the tasting at my studio, where clients can also get a closer look all the different types of decorations that I can make with sugar. Clients can have up to six guests at their tasting, but I recommend clients keep it under four people.

Clients Customize their Cake

All cakes are 100% customizable! For every tasting, the client selects 4-5 different cake flavors and 6-8 different flavors of buttercream. During the tasting, clients are able to mix and match one inch round pieces of cake with multiple buttercream flavors, and create a custom cake to their liking. The pictures above show exactly how the tasting process works, and what the Colin O’Dea Cakes experience looks like!!!